Tree-meditation is that you become a tree.

Hello! I'm Jeongcheon.
Tree meditation is meditation in nature.
Let's do tree meditation.
You go to a place with a lot of trees.
Stand among the trees and relax your whole body.
It is to relax and to stand.
Close your eyes and feel the energy of nature.
Close your eyes and listen to the birds.
Your mind and body will be at ease.
Feel the movement of the belly.
Bigger and smaller.
Bigger and smaller.
Bigger and smaller.
Your breathing slows down.
Feel the air enter your belly.
Your mind will be at ease.
Imagine I'm a tree.
I'm a tree.
I'm a tree that doesn't change even if it rains.
I'm always a silent tree.
The tree just needs to stand silently.
How comfortable and happy are trees?
The tree will be really happy.
It's going to be a tree.
The energy that the sun gives in the sky
It spreads all over your head.
Earth's energy through the soles from the earth
Spreads all over the body
The energy of heaven and the energy of the earth
They are free to run.
From heaven to body to earth
From earth to body to sky
The energy of the universe
Make my body and mind clean.
It's comfortable when I'm a tree.
Happy to be a tree.

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