What is Gautama Buddha's Enlightenment in Buddhism?

Hello. I'm Jeongcheon.
I will tell you what is Buddhist enlightenment
To escape life's pain
Sakyamuni left home and meditated in nature.
He earn Enlightenment finally with long meditation And got out of pain
His consciousness had been changed
He found real-him.
Partial-consciousness means only the body and mind is me. The rest is not me
Every living thing has partial-consciousness
So they have to be selfish.
They live for their body all their life.
Full-consciousness means that the whole world is me
Enlightenment is that Partial-consciousness turns into Full-consciousness.
When you realize, everything you see can be seen as you.
Everyone in this world is basically
living with partial-consciousness
No one can escape.
But very few people
live in full-consciousness.
The representative person is Sakyamuni.
He was the first person on the record to realize.
Sakyamuni worked hard to convey enlightenment to people.
And Buddhism was born.
But over the 2500 years, the teachings have changed.
How much is Sakyamuni's true teaching in Buddhist scriptures?
About 20%
That’s why many monks don’t realize
Even if they meditate their whole life
They meditated to realize their whole life
They failed because of the wrong Buddhist scriptures.
Then how can we realize?
The most recent, unchanged
We have to learn the latest teaching
Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj
These people most recently realized
The teachings of these people are not very old,
We can learn what has not changed
I realized by meeting these people's books.
I will tell you what I realized
Then goodbye.

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