Dove-mercy practice

Hello I'm Jeongcheon.
People keep changing their minds.
Sometimes I get angry.
Sometimes sad.
Sometimes I am lonely.
Sometimes it's peaceful.
The long lasting peace of mind is a happy life.
In order to do that,
You should raise mercy mind.
People who are full of mercy are not easily negative.
So how do you develop mercy mind?
Let's go to the park.
There will be many pigeons.
Give the pigeon a cookie.
They are going to eat very well.
You can't give fruit because pigeon can't eat it.
But most eat anything well.
If you see the pigeons eating deliciously It will be proud.
I am proud to share what I have.
And my mercy grows naturally.
A person with great mercy has a bright face.
A person with great mercy is happy.

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